Underwriting Criteria

An Overview of Considerations for Storage Insurance Coverage

StorageFirst insurance coverage is available in all 50 states and is designed for better-than-average risks with self-storage and/or mobile self-storage as the primary operation.

Liability Only

We are a market for liability-only coverage in all states. Liability-only may include: General liability, customers' goods legal liability, sale and disposal liability, hired and non-owned auto and umbrella (separate policy).

Property Geographic Underwriting Criteria

Our appetite for property coverage in areas with significant wind and hail exposure is low. This generally includes many states in the South and Midwestern sections of the U.S. If an exception is made, we will require that a percentage wind and hail deductible apply — and often a cosmetic hail damage endorsement, as well. We are no longer writing new property coverage with wind in the following states: Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana, South Dakota and most of Texas. We can write X-wind package business or liability-only in all states. Liability-only can include: GL, CGLL, S&DL, HNOA and umbrella (separate policy).

Property Excluding Wind and Hail -Appetite and Requirements

We have a strong appetite for X-wind package business in all states. Some states require that, as an admitted carrier, we can only offer X-wind for locations within designated areas, typically coastal areas.


StorageFirst is an aggressive market in the state of Florida for liability-only (GL, CGLL, S&DL, HNOA & Umbrella) and X-wind package opportunities.

The Following Are Some Characteristics We Like to See: The Following Characteristics MAY Make a Risk Ineligible for this Program: (We do make exceptions, so please call or e-mail us to discuss a specific risk) Acceptable Non-Storage Operations:

Note: Non-self-storage tenants must provide acceptable certificate of insurance to the insured, naming the insured as additional insured with waiver.

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